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Astra Groskaufmanis


When she isn't inhaling Zamboni fumes as a hockey mom of three, Astra is a human resources professional from Ottawa. In her spare time, she writes about motherhood and minor hockey. Her humour memoir, "Offside by a Mile - Confessions of a Hockey Mom" was published by FriesenPress in June 2015. You can read more about her family's antics on her website at and follow her @mydustbunnies on Twitter. Astra is a weekly contributor to through her always-entertaining Mom Mondays blog.

Mom Mondays: Playoff Advice for Newbie Hockey Moms

If you’re a new hockey mom, you are this close to the end of your very first year of hockey. Congratulations! It’s been exciting hasn’t it? You’re on the home stretch now and playoffs are underway. It’s a cake walk, right? Not so fast.

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Mom Mondays: The Tape Ball, The Pet Rock of Minor Hockey

What’s the story with kids and their hockey tape balls anyway? Honestly. I know that I’ve often joked about all the miscellaneous junk lurking at the bottom of a hockey mom’s handbag. 

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Mom Mondays: Hockey Mom Hawk Talk

All the speculation and rumours churning about before the 2016-17 NHL trade deadline are now old news. The deadline has passed and the playoff hopefuls and their teams are set. But the player trades are not the only ones worth debating in hockey circles.

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Mom Mondays: Hockey Angels

Are you a hockey mom without a mom or dad yourself? My father passed away several years ago after a very long illness. During my parents’ visits to Ottawa in healthier times, he would occasionally accompany me to my boys’ 6:00AM practices, because who else but a grandparent would go to a 6:00AM practice? 

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Mom Mondays: Hockey Mom Career Milestones

In a game against the Winnipeg Jets on February 16, 2017, Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins reached a major milestone, netting his 1,000 career point as a professional hockey player. 

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Mom Mondays: My Sinking Carpool Mojo

It may still be February on the calendar and the NHL hockey season is at its peak, but our minor hockey schedule is winding down. We are now entering our last two weeks of the regular season before playoffs begin.

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Mom Mondays: Lunchbox Penalty Box

Hockey moms are often eating and feeding their players on the run. Finding time to eat can get lost hustling back and forth from various practices, games and other events during the hockey season. 

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Mom Mondays: Tournament Tourists

Hockey tournament travel is rife with highway truck spray, lumpy hotel beds, late nights, early mornings, unhealthy food choices and a whole lot of ‘hurry up and wait’.

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Mom Mondays: Top Five Things a Hockey Mom Says – over and over and over again!

Mothers can be somewhat repetitious. There are those in my household who call this ‘nagging’ but I prefer the phrase persistentenlightenment.

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Mom Mondays: A Hockey Mom’s Dream Team

My family spent hours together over the Christmas holidays watching the World Junior hockey tournament. While we were sad with the outcome, none of us could deny how exciting the final game had been.

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Mom Mondays: Team Trainer vs Hockey Mom: It’s in the Bag

We are soon heading to the 40th Annual HGHA Tournament in beautiful Huntsville, Ontario and turns out our regular Trainer is unable to join us. 

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Mom Mondays: Happy New Hockey Skates

Happy New Year to all HockeyNow readers and my fellow hockey moms! I hope Santa was able to deliver on all those pleas for new pucks and sticks! 

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Mom Mondays: Happiness and Hockey – Happy Boxing Day!

I was going to title this post “Hangovers and Hockey”, given today is Boxing Day and all, but there is an outside chance my mother might read this so I probably should keep it a little more professional. 

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Mom Mondays: Top Ten Stocking Stuffers for a Hockey Mom

As a child, I never had a Christmas stocking. It simply wasn’t a cultural norm for my family growing up. Even when we married, my husband and I would forego this treasured Christmas tradition in favour of more practical necessities of a new life together.  Read More

Mom Mondays: Water Bottle Wanderlust

“Don’t forget your water bottle!” I yell at my son, as he headed off to hockey practice. He had his ear buds in so of course he couldn’t hear a word I said.  Read More



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