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Mike Toth


Veteran broadcaster Mike Toth is a freelance journalist in Toronto. Mike was a longtime sportscaster at TSN and Rogers Sportsnet, and was also the Sports Director at Newstalk 1010 Radio. Currently, he serves as the "Sports Insider" for  The Morning Show on Global Television in Toronto and also provides on-air segments for "Outlaw Sports" at Coaching both of his sons in the minor sports ranks, including hockey, Mike writes for HockeyNow Magazine about life, on and off the bench, in his weekly "The Cornered Coach" blog.     

Cornered Coach: Little Big Men

You know the old saying. "Good things come in small packages." But in hockey, you can change the first word of that statement to “Great." As I've mentioned a few times in this blog, my two little lads and I spend a lot of time hanging out at historic St. Michael's Arena in Toronto watching the Jr. A. Buzzers strut their stuff.

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Cornered Coach: Stand on Guard for Thee

It's one of the best memories of any hockey parent's life. The first time your little Gretzky or Wickenheiser-wannabe stands at attention for "O Canada.” A lot of Canadian kids first strike the pose in the basement – the prelude to chasing a tennis ball around with a mini-stick.

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Cornered Coach: The Human Touch

Why is the NHL community such a big bunch of cry babies? And now that I've stirred the pot in a blatant attempt to capture your undivided attention, allow me to explain.

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Cornered Coach: Puck-Stopping Partners

It's a strange relationship. Two goalies on the same team – partners playing a unique position, and yet competing against each other at the same time. But before we delve into the specifics of this fascinating dynamic, here's a point for goalie parents to ponder.

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Cornered Coach: Cutting to the Chase

Story: Mike Toth | 14/09/17 | (0) Comments |

To quote that famous old rock and roll tune, "The first cut is the deepest." And the second cut is pretty darn painful, too. Last week, I cut two 10-year-old kids from the Toronto AAA baseball squad I coach, as we completed our September tryout camp.

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Cornered Coach: See You in September

It's easy to get sucked into spring and summer hockey. I think one longtime Toronto Triple A coach put it best. "Mike," he once told me. "It's like the nuclear arms race. You might not believe in bombs but if the other guy is storing them up, you have to do the same thing."

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Cornered Coach: A Discourse on "Dart Guy"

I can't relate to "Dart Guy." For one thing, I'm a non-smoker. And for another thing, as a long-time member of the media, I've been trained to be nonpartisan when it comes to professional sports.

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Cornered Coach: Being a Frontrunner Can Be Fun

Everyone loves a winner. And nowhere is that more true than the big city of Toronto. The mighty Maple Leafs are in the playoffs for the first time since 2004, (I don't count the lockout year of 2013 because, in my books, a half season of hockey just doesn't cut it) and the entire city is about to go bonkers.

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Cornered Coach: The (Olympic) Rings are the Thing

To a lot of people, it's big news that NHL players won't be participating in the 2018 Olympics. But to me? I say, "Big deal" and, yes, I'm saying that sarcastically

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Cornered Coach: Earning Your Stripes

I broke one of my own rules last week. As a passionate young coach in my early-20's, I developed a bad habit of "critiquing" referees; a nice way of saying that I sometimes went a little over the top. "Hey ref! Give your head a shake… Your eyeballs are frozen up!" Witty gems such as that.

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Cornered Coach: The Ice of March

When you're primarily a "stay at home" dad, (or mom) March Break is one of the most challenging times of the year. Much like a hockey team peaking for the playoffs, a March Madness parent needs a solid game plan to have any shot at success and, around our digs, hockey plays a huge part in the program.

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Cornered Coach: The Meanest Man in Hockey

Wally Shawnigan is a hockey player's worst nightmare. His vocal cords are coated with sandpaper. His right eye is crunched up in a permanent squint and, when he gets angry, it twitches to a sadistic beat.

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Cornered Coach: Scattered Thoughts

When you're stuck in traffic desperately trying to get your tiny hockey player to the rink on time, you have lots of opportunity to think. So, with that in mind, here are a few of the scattered thoughts on various puck proceedings that have been bouncing around my little old brain.

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Cornered Coach: It's a Small (Hockey) World, Part 2

In my last blog post, we took a stroll down memory lane, reflecting on a few of the Top 100 players recently released by the National Hockey League to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

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Cornered Coach: It's a Small (Hockey) World

Last week, the NHL celebrated its 100th anniversary season by naming the 100 Top Players in league history. It was a marketing gimmick ripped right off the "no brainer" page, but an effective exercise nonetheless.

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