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Mom Mondays: A Love Letter to Coffee


Dear Coffee,

I was still in high school when we met. I was only fifteen but I knew this was the real thing. Oh, I know I was far too young to be in love but love knows no rules. I still laugh when I recall it was my parents that introduced us! They never were fond of my relationship with tea. They are European after all. They knew we would be good together. And they were right.

It’s your scent. It’s the taste of you on my lips. It’s the fact that sometimes, I just need to feel you in my hands. But more than these, it’s the way you make me feel inside. You make me feel human. I feel more alive when I’m with you than with anyone else. I am larger than life and frankly I need you to help me get things done. Some days, I know I can’t even leave the house without you.

Don’t tell my husband, but you’re the first one I think of each and every morning. I literally feel panic and fear if I can’t find you in the house. I think of you two or three more times during a busy day too. My husband knows about us. He’s come to terms with our relationship and there are some days he supports our relationship more than he should. He knows (my children know, the universe knows) we can’t be apart for very long. Is that not the sign of true love?

I know our relationship has gone through many phases (remember that time you were black, or black with sugar, then a double-double, or a latte, and even ‘instant’ for a very brief time in university?), but we never lost sight of our fundamental need for each other.

I know we went through some real bleak times when we couldn’t be together as often as we wanted (like back in 1996, 1997 and 2000 with baby one, two and three). You must know that those were dark times for me. I longed for you often. Since then, and especially in the years since 2001 when my kids started playing hockey, we’ve been inseparable. We hook up everywhere (like Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, Second Cup, Timothy’s, Bridgehead, Dunkin’ Donuts and most often at the arena canteen) but cozy at home in PJs pouring over the newspaper is still my favourite time with you.

There are some places that we still can’t be seen together (like the library) and it breaks my heart, but I know that our reunion is sweeter for it.

Sometimes we see each other too much (like Saturday mornings in the hockey stands and after 8PM when you keep me up all night). If you have any faults at all, it’s that you can sometimes be a little expensive for my tastes. Nevertheless, I dig through the glove compartment, in my drink tray, and at the bottom of my purse for those coins that will allow us to be together again. Life is empty and meaningless without you. I’m addicted to you.

You know you’re in my life to stay. Yes, Coffee, I do love you - then, now and always.

Three cheers for coffee – it’s never too late to fall in love.

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