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Mom Mondays: Are we speaking the same language? Hockey slang for hockey moms


Do you ever listen to two people talk about hockey and wonder if they’re actually speaking English? “Did you catch that wicked bottle-knocker that Crosby laid on Price?” “Naw, I missed the goal but caught the celly!” 

Huh? I swear there are enough hockeyisms for every seat in the Canadian Tire Centre. I admit that I’ve been known to thoroughly embarrass myself using the wrong hockey slang in the wrong context, much to my husband’s and my children’s disappointment. I’ve also been known to invent a few of my own hockeyisms to make up for my lack of slang savvy.

When I asked my son recently what a ‘giv’r” was, he hung his head in shame. “Mom,” he said, “you gotta give it all you got!” to which I thought I appropriately answered, “”I know! I’m trying! Just tell me what it means!” He groaned and added, “No, Mom, that’s what ‘giv’r’ means – to give it all you got.” Well, it seems I still have much to learn.

Which brings me to the point of this post: I thought I would share a few hockeyisms that the new hockey mom should certainly have in her lexicon. If you haven’t heard these terms already, you’re about to. In fact, this is list of terms you’ll probably hear before your child even steps onto the ice for the first time!

Your child has been asked to attend a series of sort-outs. Are they practices? Games? What are they? They are a series of on-ice scrimmages and drills to determine who’ll be on what team, to ensure the teams are well-balanced with talent and ability.

I knew that would be your next question. Typically held at the end of a practice, a scrimmage is an on-ice ‘fun’ game rather than a league game for which a score will be kept and submitted to the association. 

Ahh, the team icebreaker! It’s the official start of the hockey season. It’s the season home-opener for hockey moms. It’s the first team party of the year. Meet your fellow hockey moms and set up your hockey car pools. Cheers! 

You’re not a hockey mom without at least one roll of hockey tape languishing in the bottom of your purse and another rolling around the back of your hockey van.

Full ice
Don’t miss the full ice practice! They are rare in house league hockey where typically two teams will share the ice to conduct their drills and practice… though the half ice practice may result in a short scrimmage to close off the practice! See? You’re catching on!

A jill is a jock worn by a female hockey player. I didn’t know such a thing existed until my daughter was in her fourth season of hockey! Please be smarter than me!

Great training leads to great hockey players, right? Your coach may schedule some off-ice training and workout sessions designed to make them stronger, faster, and smarter. Dryland is typically held at a school gym, community hall at the arena, or, if your budget allows, a real gym with personal trainers!

Player contact cards
These are indispensable. They are laminated cards the size of a credit card containing all the contact information for your team that you will need to know for the next eight months but have no hope in remembering!

A tourney is another word for a tournament. Your child will likely have home tournaments and away tournaments, and will fondly remember the away tournaments the most.

Rink rat
When the coach tells you to go find the rink rat, he or she probably means go find the arena attendant. Alternatively, a rink rat may also be your youngest child, your hockey player's sibling who must accompany you to all ice events. Have no fear. Your little rink rat will soon find other rink rats and be contentedly eating old popcorn together under the bleachers in no time.

LickBo is a personal favourite of time which is actually my best attempt at making a great-sounding acronym from the letters LCBO. “Are you hitting up the LickBo before the icebreaker?” Please say, ‘yes’!

These should get you through the first ice time with your new hockey player. That is, assuming that you have all their equipment in the hockey bag already!  

If you have your own preseason hockey lingo, I would sure love to add it to mine – that way I will sound all hip and cool the next time I talk hockey to my husband or my kids!

Three cheers for the good old hockey game – hope the first is a barn-burner!

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