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Mom Mondays: Do's and Don'ts of the Home Hockey Tournament Weekend

(Flickr photo by Battle Creek CVB)

So your kid’s hockey team is participating in a local tournament this weekend. Yawn. Big whoop. You were kind of hoping for something a little more exciting than hitting the bleachers in the same old arenas and following your kids around those arenas while they sell 50/50 tickets. And on top of that, you still have to cook dinner too.

The home tournament is the poor cousin of the away tournament. It is fairly standard practice for a hockey association to host its own annual tournament and it is still a fairly big whoop. First of all, it represents a fairly significant source of fundraising income your association which helps keep league fees down – something just about any hockey parent can appreciate. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for the parents and players to be ambassadors of your home association and your home town – something you should be proud of. And finally, your kid gets a day off school – something – well - okay, so maybe this one is not something parents get excited about, but your kid sure is!

Even though it’s not your typical hockey "woo-hoo" road trip, your home tournament is a change-up from the normal routine and an opportunity to have a little fun – plus you get to sleep in your own bed.

·       DON’T pick this weekend to host your mother’s 80th birthday party, unless you’re trying to be written out of her will.

·       DON’T ignore the email looking for volunteers; just sign up your teenager for those outstanding community service hours.

·       DON’T complain about volunteering for various tournament shifts; your association could hire a teenager on your behalf and charge you for it!

·       DO wear your association colours with pride (just don’t mix up your son’s team colours with your daughter’s team colours!).

·       DO chat up the out-of-towners – you never know when you’ll need a restaurant recommendation from their hometown!

·       DO plan a team event – like a team dinner – even though you’re on home turf (oh, and DO plan to attend that team event too even though you’re on home turf!)

·       DO arrange for a home-away sleepover with a few team mates (and I mean for the kids, of course, but whatever …).

·       Do host a party (but remember to invite that awesome hockey mom who doesn’t mind doing all the dishes!) and just for fun, DO make everyone sign a waiver at the front door.

·       DON’T complain that your team advanced to the semis and now you can’t get your errands and chores done on Sunday morning.

·       DO get excited that your team advanced to the semis because now you can postpone getting your Sunday morning chores and errands.

and above all,

·       DO have fun!

A home tournament can be a win-win for sure, and you can make it seem like a special weekend even though it’s not an away tournament. I guarantee you there will still be a little more money in your wallet and a few less dark circles under your eyes.

Three cheers for the home tournament – and kickin’ it up a notch all the same!

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