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Mom Mondays: Just another manic Monday—but get me to the arena on time


Every now and then, I bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with my heart pounding as a result of the same recurring nightmare. Not the one where I can’t find my exam room, the one where I haven’t been to class all semester, nor the one where I get home and suddenly realize I’ve forgotten my kids at the grocery store. I’m talking about the one where I’ve brought the kids to the wrong arena.

Every hockey mom has experienced this nightmare.

Sometimes it’s not a nightmare, it’s a reality. At least once during each hockey season, our family calendar somehow gets messed up and one of our hockey players is delivered to the wrong arena. Or at the wrong time. And I don’t think there’s enough Xanax in the whole world to ease the panic and anxiety when I’m shuttling the team’s two goalies!

Maintaining the accuracy of our hockey schedules is much easier for me these days due to the fact that a) the online schedule of most hockey associations can be directly imported to your computer or mobile, and b) I now have only one player. The fewer the players, the less there is room for error. But not long ago we had three kids in hockey, and the schedule was manually entered in our family calendar. 

For the younger hockey moms reading this, you may not even know what I’m talking out (so this next part will be completely foreign to you and is stated as a matter of historical record!). My methods of maintaining hockey order has evolved as has the technology. First, there was the big family wall calendar. All ice times were input in red ink. Then, I started to invite my husband to Outlook ‘meetings’ (hockey games, practices and tournaments). Next, I started using a family Google calendar. And finally, hockey schedule nirvana: the importable hockey schedule. I clearly remember the day one of three hockey associations my three kids played for announced the downloadable calendar functionality. I was simply in awe. Needless to say, it felt like an eternity before all associations adopted the technology, but hopefully my incessant begging helped. Hockey parents everywhere need to take a moment and pay tribute to the tech wizard that developed the code for importable calendars. You’ve saved my hide more than a few times.

Of course, I still have to click that little button and make the magic happen! And sadly sometimes updates or changes are not captured by this simple click. So naturally the possibility for human error still exits. Which is why—even in 2015—I got a call from the coach looking for my daughter who was late to a game which according to the schedule I input a few weeks prior, was scheduled to start in fifteen minutes. Sigh. And what next scheduling bewitchment shall take place? To get my hockey player to manage her own schedule by inputting the schedule to her own device! One can dream.

Three cheers for the hockey mom scheduling mavens—and the tech geniuses who have their backs!

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