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Mom Mondays: Playoff Advice for Newbie Hockey Moms


If you’re a new hockey mom, you are this close to the end of your very first year of hockey. Congratulations! It’s been exciting hasn’t it? You’re on the home stretch now and playoffs are underway. It’s a cake walk, right? Not so fast.

There are a lot of things about playoffs that I took for granted as a new hockey mom, not least of which was the fact that I saw them as just an extension of the regular season. That’s my first piece of advice for a new hockey mom: do not suggest to anyone playing hockey that the playoffs are anything but an entirely fresh start. Anything can – and often does – happen during playoffs. And do not under any circumstances think you, as a hockey mom, can advance though the playoffs like they’re just another hockey game.

You just found out that your child’s team finished in the bottom half of their league. That’s it, right, show’s over? Not so fast. There’s a B pool. And there are playoffs for the B pool too.

You might think it’s a perfect time to wash that putrid Under Armour. A fresh and clean start for the playoffs, right? Not so fast. Those crazy new hockey superstitions that have plagued inspired your young player over the regular season now go into power play mode … with double overtime intensity! And you already know not to touch that tape ball, right?

Speaking of equipment, you might be thinking that the playoffs are a good time to replace your child’s helmet, or skates, or even skate laces, right? Not so fast. Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t touch anything in your child’s hockey bag or that crushing defeat in the dying moments of the third period of the seventh game will only be the beginning of your woes.

It’s too late for this season probably but remember for next season: you really should always buy two hockey sticks. What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks? Your child will only use his or her “lucky” stick throughout the playoffs but if Lucky comes to an unfortunate demise (i.e. breaks, gets stolen, falls off the back of the pick-up, whatever), you’ll need a stunt double pretty darn quick.

With the Easter weekend coming up, you’re probably thinking it’s a good time to get a haircut. Hopefully the playoff schedule will allow for Grandma to see a game or two over Easter weekend while she’s visiting. You want your baby to look snappy-do1 for Grandma, right? Not so fast. There is zero chance of cutting off the flow during the playoffs. Great plays on the ice are entirely attributable to great hockey hair. And let’s just say if he could grow a beard, he would!

You might be looking forward to the end of the hockey season but you’d never say that out loud, right? Doing so would assure the team goes to the maximum number of games possible in each round and hand you tickets to front row, on-the-glass seats. Hockey mum’s the word!

There are lots of things to remember as you go shift to playoff mode. The most important thing is not to forget to make the shift to playoff mode!

Three cheers for the new hockey moms who’ve made it this far – and may your playoff season be a winner!

1 The actual word my vecmāmiņa Anna Groskaufmanis used to describe her grandchildren when they were all dressed up! I think it should make a comeback don’t you?

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