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Mom Mondays: The Hockey Mom’s Fan Choice Awards

(Photo by Matt Gregory)

HockeyNow just wrapped up voting for the 2015 Fans’ Choice Awards that gave readers the chance to vote on anything from their favourite hockey tournament to the best place to watch a hockey game.

I, of course, have a few fan choice awards of my own to present. In this case, however, I’ve made a list of people of whom I am a now a huge fan.  Here are my hockey mom choice awards to some of those unsung heroes of hockey …

I am a huge fan of that Tim Horton’s employee who gave me a medium coffee for the price of a small. Maybe it was oversight; maybe he has a soft spot for hockey moms. No matter – I am definitely giving him a hockey mom award!

Can we give a huge “Awwwww!” to that Zamboni driver who always smiles and waves at the little kid watching his every move around the ice surface because that little kid wants to grow up and be a Zamboni driver? Awwww, he’s worthy of my hockey mom award for sure.

And can I please acknowledge all those community volunteers who have just set up those boards for the outdoor rinks all over Canada? Not all of them are city workers, this I know for fact. They’re hockey mom fan choice award winners for sure – and that’s before they even spend countless hours in the dark of night flooding that ODR!

There was that canteen worker who was not satisfied taking my money (for yet another coffee) without asking me how my kid’s season was going. Really? Is your life that boring that you want to know the ins and outs of a stranger’s kids’ hockey season? Or maybe you’re just that friendly. You are just that friendly! You get a hockey mom award from me!

I know I’m ever so forgetful about sharpening my kids’ skates. But when I do remember, there’s that ice skate sharpener who always asks how my kids like their skates sharpened (like, there are different ways?) and who keeps reminding me to keep reminding my kids to wipe their blades so they don’t rust. You, Sir, get my hockey mom fan choice award too!

There’s that hockey mom on our team who bought me a drink. Yeah, she knows how to buy her way to a fan choice award! That’s ok – I’m a fan of hers, for sure.

Then there’s that other driver in the community centre’s parking lot racing to the same space at the same time I was, who granted me that coveted parking spot we both came upon with a simple wave of her hand. You, Fair Lady, are hereby granted a hockey mom fan choice award too.

Everyone knows I use hockey tape for just about everything but hockey sticks. So, that hockey dad who taped my daughter’s hockey stick because I sure don’t know how… I tip my travel mug to you and bestow upon you a hockey mom fan choice award too!

Readers may be surprised that I didn’t include all my kids’ hockey coaches on this list. That’s because I know they’d much rather that six-pack of beer or that engraved whistle they get at the year-end party rather than my accolades for their love of and dedication to the sport of hockey.

And just as deserving to be on my list are all my fellow hockey moms who’ve made the long hockey season so much more tolerable. The coaches and the hockey moms – they’re on my perennial list of hockey mom fan choice awards!

I’m pretty sure this is not what HockeyNow was thinking of when they launched their Fan Choice Awards program but I really can’t help it - I’ve been thinking about these heroes all season!

Three cheers for the heroes of hockey – even though they may not even know it!

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