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Mom Mondays: Time Out for Spring and Summer


Despite the growing research that indicates year-round hockey (or any single sport year-round for that matter) doesn’t make for a better hockey player, there are thousands of kids that do play hockey all year.

Our family is not one of them. The only year-round sport we’re really good at is eating. We also play a pretty mean game of floating-on-the-lake-in-a-giant-pink-flamingo too. While the latter would not be considered a year-round sport – at least not in Canada – it is a solid reason for us to take the summer off hockey.

Our family has spent hundreds – nay – thousands of hours in hockey arenas over the years and I can’t even begin track the miles we’ve travelled for hockey. Needless to say, when the season is finally over we kick back a little, relax, breathe, and put the hockey van in Park for a while. Our off season has started, and I don’t know about our kids, but here are a few things I know I am definitely looking forward to:

First and foremost, I can’t wait for our year-end hockey parties! What’s not to love? It’s the last hurrah to celebrate a great season before everyone either heads back to the arena for spring and summer hockey, or off to the cottage for the floatie in the lake. This last get-together and the summer hiatus is what make the September hockey reunion so sweet.

I’m also looking forward to finishing a cup of coffee (and maybe even a second, God forbid!) before it gets cold. I may even read more than the front page of our local newspaper (I will, however, skip the sports page).

Can you imagine having a normal dinner conversation that does not include a single hockey game recap or statistic? I can. That’s the off season! When the NHL playoffs are over, I can look forward to a whole dinner with no hockey talk (mind you it will be endless golf or baseball talk instead).

I finally get to wash my hockey blanket and use it as a picnic blanket instead of a butt warmer – for a whole three months (if the Canadian summer lasts that long)!

The only heaters I’ll be seating under are patio heaters and, if it’s warm enough, I may not even care if they’re working!

I am happy to finally get those big bags out of our garage and our laundry room. I won’t be tripping over hockey sticks (though there is still the distinct possibility of me tripping over golf clubs).

I guess I’m most looking forward to a less hectic schedule. There will be no alerts popping up on my phone reminding me of that Practice! or Game! for the next few months and I like it that way.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a hockey mom through and through so I only have the utmost support for those hockey moms who are year-round hockey moms. Your child’s sheer determination and passion for the sport is obviously what guides your decision to participate in year-round hockey (otherwise why would you be doing it, right?). I take my hat off and salute you… from my dock chair.

Three cheers for the spring and summer – hats off to off hockey!

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