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Mom Mondays: When metal meets ice!

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Hockey moms are a busy bunch; there is no doubt about that.

We plan, we organize, we feed, we drive, we cheer, we wash, we shiver, we laugh, we cry. Why is it then, that I can never remember to get the kids’ skates sharpened? I swear the most frequently asked question in this household after “what’s for dinner?” is “did you get my skates sharpened?”

I have to admit that the answer to both questions is usually a little vague. I tend not to lose too much sleep over skate sharpening either. It’s only when I see the kids skating on the ice that you think, “Aw jeez, should’ve had those skates done”. But then I promptly forget again. Maybe it was all those years I spent as a goalie mom. Since goalie skates do not need to be sharpened as often as player skates, I’ve never really developed any good habits around skate sharpening.

I also have not developed any good relationships with the local arena pro shop skate sharpener. And this is a very bad thing.

A hockey mom should know her kids’ skate sharpener by name – preferably by his or her nickname, even! Inevitably, the skates are so dull that it cannot wait any longer and you’ll be in a rush. And there will be six pairs of skates to be sharpened in front of your kid’s skates just before their big game. And the pro shop attendant will look at you and think, “You’re no one to me” and your kid’s skates will merely be put in the queue alongside the skates of kids whose parents are thinking ahead. This sucks. If you know the attendant well, and have given him or her a great deal of business (which isn’t at all difficult if you have kids in hockey, yet somehow I have dropped the puck on this one), you can ask that attendant for a little favour once in a while.

Skate sharpening favours, you know. Every once in awhile, you need one.

I know that players should get their skates sharpened every four of five ice times. That involves counting my kids ice times which can be kind of depressing some weeks. They should be sharpened more often if your child has skated on an outdoor rink anywhere, the Rideau Canal or – God forbid- walked across the tiled foyer floor without their skate guards on. (Made you cringe there, didn’t I?)

When I forget to get my kids’ skates sharpened I am sometimes forced to do the unthinkable: get them sharpened in our team’s nemeses’ arena pro shop. That’s the ultimate hockey mom "fail". My kids swear those attendants do something to their skates that slows them down in the game.

I’ve decided that the only way to get around this issue of constantly forgetting to sharpen the kids’ skates is to go out and buy our own family skate sharpening machine. And what hockey mom hasn’t considered that over the years – and money - she’s spent as a hockey mom?

Three cheers for the arena pro shop skate sharpener who keep our kids moving! Which reminds me... better go get those skates sharpened!

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