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How to Beat the Goalie: Shots

By Jeremy Rupke on April 15, 2014

Scoring a goal can be one of the greatest feelings in hockey, especially when it's a clutch goal that the team really needs, but many good goal scoring opportunities are wasted because the player is not prepared when they get the opportunity. In this article we are going to break down how to beat a goalie with a shot, what type of shot to use, and when to shoot.

When Should I shoot?
Recognizing a good shooting opportunity is crucial for scoring more goals. Sometimes the goalie is playing the shot, and sometimes you can find the goalie cheating or out of position. Here are a few times when you definitely want to shoot the puck

If the Goalie is too far back in the crease
The closer the goalie is to the goal line the more of the net you can see. If you notice the goalie is backed into the crease, look for a spot to shoot and let'r rip. Try to get the shot off quickly because the longer you wait the more time the goalie has to prepare to stop you.

If the goalie is out of position
In our article about seeing the net through the eyes of the puck you learned about how the puck sees the net. Sometimes the goalie will be out of position. A good goal scorer will know when the puck can see the net, and if you have the puck on your stick and catch the goalie out of position get that shot off quickly!

When the goalie is down
If the goalie is down after making a save you want to shoot quickly. Try to go up high as there is usually more room to score there after rebounds. You want to shoot before the goalie has time to set up again to make the next save.

When the goalie is on the move
Good goalies will line up with the puck, play the angle, and take away a lot of the net. In these situations you need to make the goalie move, and then shoot when the goalie is moving. Usually when the goalie is moving he will open up small areas to score, usually the five hole and under the arms open up. Try cutting through the slot to make the goalie move from one post to the next, if he's too slow shoot far side, if he moves to fast shoot short side, and if he times the move perfectly then shoot 5-hole.

Want to score more goals?
If you are want to light the lamp more often you should check out my Goalie Buster training course. I have over 2 hours of on-ice training on how to beat the goalie. I teach over 20+ moves you can use and provide NHL examples of each move.

I also post regular training articles on my website

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April 15, 2014
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